Anime & Cosplay: How Cosplay Unites Fans

As regular visitors to Inland Empire Sports and News will know we are big fans of cosplay and the culture that surrounds it. Cosplay can unite fans of pop culture in a unique way. In this article we look at how it brings fans together and which character was 2017’s most popular to cosplay as.

The biggest benefit of cosplay according to The Seattle Globalist is that “nothing is too weird”. There is an acceptance of uniqueness and individuality that is rare to find outside of the cosplay community. Indeed, cosplay conventions are a good place for people to find friends with the same interests.


Elmer Ma told The Seattle Globalist that meeting people was easy “because right off the bat, from visual, you’ll notice they share something with you.” The community can even transcend language barriers with Ma noting that his friends who don’t speak English can still enjoy their hobby with like minded people.

Every year there is a cosplay trend that spreads across conventions. At Comic-Con this year, reported that Wonder Woman was the most popular character.

Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman film has been one of this year’s biggest hits and is the first female superhero film to be a box office and critical success (it has a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes). Many fans consider it to be one of the best films of the superhero genre. The film’s influence and popularity can clearly be seen through the number of fans in cosplay Wonder Woman costumes.

The comic book version of Wonder Woman has been inspiring fans and other entertainment outlets since her first outing in 1941. To get a sense of the how influential the character is you only have to look at numerous strong female heroes that have been inspired by her in film and the gaming community.


Gaming outlet Slingo in their slot game Fae Legend Warrior have taken traits from the character and applied them to their own female superhero. These include coming from an enchanted land and being a warrior princess. With so many versions of the character across the media, it is no wonder that Wonder Woman was the most popular cosplay character of 2017.

For those who are unfamiliar with cosplay it can seem like a daunting hobby to get into. Cosplay is far more than simply dressing up. Many fans work on their costume for up to a year with an attention to detail that far surpasses any shop bought outfit. If you are reading this and want to get to grips with cosplay then Mental Floss have compiled a list of 10 cosplay terms and their origin stories. These range from commonly known words such as ‘manga’ to the lesser known ones like ‘furry’ which is a person who is a fan of human-like animal characters.

What makes cosplay so special is that it brings people together by celebrating their individual fandom. It doesn’t matter what element of pop culture you are a fan of you will still be welcome. Coming to a cosplay convention is about meeting like minded people and sharing your pop culture passions.