Audio – MWGIC EP-00069: Covering Anime Expo 2018 & Animanga 2018: A Super Hero For Everyone

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Video notes:

Anime Expo  AniManga 2018: A Superhero For Everyone – MWGIC covers the largest and smallest Anime & Manga-related events in the LA area. Cosplay, artwork, the greatness and the gripes. Gaming is back! Eight interviews from both events. Highlights of unique points at each event. Cosplay notes and interviews.

Full Episode:

Show notes:

“Short Takes” – Videos recorded at Anime Expo:

Why I will never ever do YouTube live with a smartphone at an event again JUST BELOW:

Show Notes & Still Pics:

That is a live army man under that costume!
The Sax Bros gave us a musical welcome despite the heat! (I mess with the tenor a little)
Cool Kat!
Kat’s awesome spray-paint anime work.
Signing the payment for my tee shirt…sort of. It’s just a squiggle on these pads.
So, how DO you fix broken costumes?
Dan finally made it to space!
Trying to get an interview about the gaming square.
Game of Thrones house flags.
I have arrived!!
Hiding non-chalantly behind these cool Animettes!
Introducing Kat to Charles McKee of IE Sports & News (behind the camera)
Interviewing Kat about her amazing spray-paint anime. Unbelievable work!
Being taught about One Punch Man / Wanpanch.
Interviewing Nigel Sade.
Nigel Sade is explaining about these amazing sci-fi-art-deco prints from he and his partner. Note that every doctor appears in this print I’m pointing at, including the new Lady Doctor!
Even a geek like me is no match for One Punch Man / Wanpanch!
Pet the kitty!
Surrounded by awesome anime cosplay!
Figurines everywhere!
I don’t trust you, YouTube live!
No interview, just cool, vivid art from multiple geek genres.
This is Lyn getting interviewed in front of her amazing anime water colors on the left board.
Interviewing last years’ World Cosplay Competition rep for Team USA at the exhibit.
SOMETHING was really, really cool!
They had half a city block of just swords!
The folk who got me my One Punch Man tee shirt. The fellow on the left introduced me to my new hero!
This gal looks a LOT like a friend of ours!
It was 112 degrees F out here!

Animanga 2018:

Wecome to Animanga 2018! This is my brother Gus, and my sister Gus. Any questions??


Up first; The Art Deco Style of the L.A. County Fairgrounds in Pomona:

The point of this pic is the architecture of the building in the background. Classic Art Deco from the late 1920’s-1930’s. Click the pic to enlarge.
The fountain and carousel are very classic art deco.
Your host is not art deco, though he loves the style.
Any questions?
Seriously, you have questions??


Food Trucks Outside – we saw several of these same trucks at Anime Expo:


Points of Interest:

What I call “Artists’ Alley” – these are the folk who create the characters and stories everyone here loves. Without them there would be no convention.
If you want to see how zombies make out, these guys can hook you up!
Origami manga masks. How cool is that??


Back on art deco for a sec – I want to eat here!


Animanga CARS!

Interviewing the amazing Kay about the cars.

Thank you KAY!
Signatures on the hood.



Gus from Berserk



Note the original screens so the games are played in the original aspect ratio. (Height vs. width)

Playing on original gear


Louie & Joscelynn:

Thank you both for the interview! Awesome costumes, totally my favorites.


Last shots of Dan at the expo:

The organizers ditched me for an interview, so were leaving now.
Any questions??


Checking out Pho Dat Vietnamese restaurant in Corona, CA for lunch after the expo:

Charles made me “cheater” chopsticks.
Lightbulb moment…
Let’s try this “Pho” stuff!
Pho soup – my first ever. Wonderful stuff.
Vietnamese sandwhich – with RAW jalapeno’s, so be warned!


Inland Empire Sports & News coverage of the expo:

Family Fun: Animanga…The 3-day Anime Convention Starts this Friday

IESN Facebook Albums:

Dan The Man At Work

EXTENSIVE cosplayer photos appear in “Animanga 2018



I would like to thank Charles McKee of Inland Empire Sports & News for finding these events, getting us press passes, and handling photography at the events. This coverage is truly a team effort.

I would like to thank the hundreds of artists, event organizers, event workers and volunteers who make these conventions possible.

I would also like to thank the many thousands of convention visitors and cosplayers who are the beating heart of these conventions. You are the fuel and the fire that make these so amazing.