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L.A. Comic Con Highlights a Weekend of Celebs, Shopping, Comics, Cosplay, Trick-or-Treat, Toys and Pop Culture The Octopus is back!! Los Angeles Comic Con returns to the L.A. Convention Center for its 8th edition – its #Octoversary – with the largest, most diverse group of celebrities, guests, panels and vendors […]

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Courtesy of Midwestern Geek In Cali Youtube channel: Video notes: Anime Expo  AniManga 2018: A Superhero For Everyone – MWGIC covers the largest and smallest Anime & Manga-related events in the LA area. Cosplay, artwork, the greatness and the gripes. Gaming is back! Eight interviews from both events. Highlights of […]

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Over 30,000 Attendees are Expected at Animang’s Three-Day Anime Convention Animanga USA was founded in 2010 by passionate individuals looking to bring Japanese entertainment and literature to a North American audience. The convention that starts Friday focuses on Japanese popular culture, primarily anime and manga, as well as gaming and […]

Family Fun: Animanga…The 3-day Anime Convention Starts this Friday

Courtesy of Midwestern Geek In Cali Podcast:   Show Notes: Interview:  Imperial Officer Greg Bellows Interview Interview:  International Lightsaber Performance Organization Saber Guild – Outer Rim Temple     Interview:  Order Of Gallifrey       Interview:  Ravensdale Publishing Board Games     Interview: Fez-O-Rama     Interview: […]

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