We Completely Revamped The Inland Empire Sports & News Website Today

Courtesy of Singing Wire Web Design of Temecula, California:

We got a call earlier today from the operator of the Inland Empire Sports & News website. The site was in real trouble, and needed help as soon as possible. It was even failing to take new media uploads and set featured images on posts.

We had already been planning on rebuilding this site on Saturday when traffic was lower. The theme was an older premium theme, and after spending $40.00 on a new copy for testing purposes, the theme failed to install on our testbed site running the latest version of WordPress. IE Sports & News was stuck on an older version of WordPress somewhere around 3.5.6 if we recall correctly, and was afraid to update.

The site is large, with an extensive image library and hundreds of posts going back a few years. There were complex setups in the site navigation menus, and also specialized ad software to help monetize the site. (We all have to pay for our hosting and staff somehow, right?)

Of course, we’d backed the site up a few weeks ago, so we had a copy of it pretty much as it sat, but with the security risks of the old version of WordPress, the functional failures, and the risk of plugins starting to fail as they updated, and even a couple of intermittent server crashes caused by the site, we had to move.

We’d already been searching for themes for a few days, and had spent several hours mocking the site up on our testbed, thankfully. We ended up going with the Customizr theme for the new site.

After getting the call from the site owner this morning, we did a 9-1-1 revamp of our schedule, called the owner in to work with us, and began major site surgery.

Here are some desktop screen shots of the old site before the rebuild:

Old-Site-Desktop-01.jpg Old-Site-Desktop-02 Old-Site-Desktop-03 Old-Site-Desktop-04

 The featured image for this post is the mobile screen shot for the site before we worked on it. You can also see it here:


With the new version of the site, it loads quicker, even though it has a slider on the front page. That’s for a couple of reasons:

  1. The slider images only load when it’s their turn to slide in.
  2. There are less images loading on the front page of the site, because the site navigation and layout are more graceful and efficient.

The new site is fully responsive, so it will adapt to any screen size. It looks great on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones.

On top of that, it’s far more secure, and is much less likely to suffer from breakdowns due to updates.

Go ahead and take a peek at the all-new Inland Empire Sports & News!

Dan S.