Family Fun: Animanga…The 3-day Anime Convention Starts this Friday

Over 30,000 Attendees are Expected at Animang’s Three-Day Anime Convention

Animanga USA was founded in 2010 by passionate individuals looking to bring Japanese entertainment and literature to a North American audience. The convention that starts Friday focuses on Japanese popular culture, primarily anime and manga, as well as gaming and other forms of animation.

The name is derived from anime, manga, and gaming. The event targets gamers and fans of Japanese entertainment. Animanga 2018 will consist of activities such as competitions, panels, performances, casual gaming, and more.

This year, they’re delivering a complete lineup full of amazing activities, panels, merchandise, and premieres that will include:

Zach Aguilar – Voice Actor

Josh Grelle – Voice Actor

Kohei Hattori – Singer

Caleb Hyles – Vocalist / YouTube Personality

Kyle McCarley – Voice Actor

Midnight Shinigami – Band

Max Mittelman – Voice Actor

Chris Niosi – Voice Actor

TiA – Singer


For years now, there have been calls for an anime convention that focuses more on the attendees, with events to enjoy and panels with well-known guests.

The goal for Animanga Expo is to have all the best elements combined into one fantastic weekend… especially with the cosplayers.

When: Fri-Sun, August 3-5, 2018

Where: FAIRPLEX HALL 4, 1101 West McKinley Ave, Pomona

At-Door Rates

$70: All 3 Days

$40: Friday

$40: Saturday

$40: Sunday