Family Fun: The 50th Annual Lake Elsinore Grand Prix Starts this Friday & Runs Till Sunday Night

The historic Lake Elsinore Grand Prix is coming back to town this weekend and it will be celebrating 50 years of dirt bike racing history. This is a dirt bike race rooted in tradition. Originally created in the late 1960s and take place in and around the Lake Elsinore area.

The Grand Prix opens this Friday, November 9th  at 8 am with races running till Sunday at 4 pm. 

The popularity of the event hit its apex in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, drawing the likes of dirt-bike greats such as Malcolm Smith and Steve McQueen… to name a few. In the mid-1970’s the Elsinore Grand Prix hit a bit of a snag, none of the big riders were participating, and the event was drawing the wrong crowd, mostly violent motorcycle gangs. The race was cancelled indefinitely soon afterwards.

The Grand Prix was brought back in 1996 for the people to enjoy and celebrate years of dirt bike history. Several dirt-bike riders, with a hint of nostalgia, lobbied the city of Lake Elsinore to revive the Grand Prix. 

The organizers got rid of the negative image and the violent motorcycle gang crowds that were drawn to the Grand Prix in the 1970’s . The  event has blossomed into a more fun festival with a family friendly atmosphere.

Races are at Lakepoint Park, 420 E. Lakeshore Drive in Lake Elsinore.

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