Family Fun: Time to Visit the March Field Air Museum this Summer

Take Time to Discover One of the Inland Empire’s Hidden Gems

The March Field Air Museum has over 70 aircraft and 30,000 artifacts dealing with the history of flight on display for you to see and interact with. The planes range from the sleek SR-71 Blackbird spy plane, World War 2 classics like the P-38 and B-17 and the F4 Phantom from the Vietnam War. No matter what your age, there is something here to fascinate everyone.

Inside the Museum you will find various exhibits that chronicle the history of flight in the wars that America has been involved in during the 20th century. There are portraits of aviation pioneers, artifacts ranging from flight jackets to airplane consoles, cockpits and weaponry.


The WWII section features a Japanese POW camp. In the adjacent building there is the P-38 Museum which could take your entire day to visit.

Outside on the flight deck is a Vietnam Fire Base. There is a guard tower, sandbags and several helicopters that served during the conflict. You can see and experience how our troops defended the perimeters of the airfields during the war.

The museum has guided tours on trams and also has an interactive exhibit on space that is captivating. You too can learn how to fly on their flight simulators.

When you do visit, don’t forget to take a little extra time to visit the Medal of Honor Memorial. It is located across the freeway at the Riverside National Cemetery.

Photos By Charles McKee