Food: Meet the Woman Behind “RestauRanting with Rose Bud”

Join Her as She Helps Guide You into Exciting New Culinary Adventures

Rose Bud is our local food critic based out of Temecula. She is a regular contributor to Inland Empire Sports and News and has a passion for food. She has reviewed some of the best restaurants in the area and plans to bring you many more great places that you may want to dine next.

Rose really knows Good Food. A daughter of a former restaurateur, she has always had a passion for gastronomy and fine flavors…and she loves the foodie life.

“RestauRanting is like second nature to me…it just comes naturally” said Rose Bud. “It’s intrinsic to who I am and how I grew up…food speaks to me”.

Rose is the creative force and founder of which launched about two years ago. She loves visiting new restaurants, wineries, breweries and escapes. You can read her RestauRanting reviews or watch her quirky videos on YouTube.

Here at Inland Empire Sports & News, we have had the pleasure of dining with Rose and having her as a guest writer on our food column. She takes writing seriously and is a complete package with even a pseudonym. Rose will also be doing recipes that she “steals” from some of the best Chef’s in the area.

We hope that you find her passion for fine dishes will help guide you into escapes and exciting new adventures. Try something new soon. Let her bring out the Foodie in you.

You can also keep up with her culinary journey by following her on social media @TastefulEscape and her website

Photos by Cathryn McKee