Good Eats: Thanksgiving is Over…It’s Time for a Bowl of Ramen



Where to Get Great Ramen in the Temecula Valley

The Cooler weather is finally here and Thanksgiving Dinner is just a memory and a bunch of Leftovers in the Tupperware in the frig. Now it’s time to indulge my cold weather favorite…Tonkostu Ramen.15094494_1785969534991460_8244643750519295533_n-1

In Temecula, my favorite place for great Ramen is at the Bamboo House Asian Bistro on Ynez. Not only can you get fantastic Ramen here, but you can also get amazing sushi and my dad’s favorite Vietnamese Sandwiches. The menu has something special for everybody.

15181520_1785969411658139_6406017941541548227_nThe broth is made from pork bellies and miso and it really had a delicious, creamy texture and amazing flavor. The noodles were perfect .It was topped with charshu pork, a boiled brown egg, green onions and pieces of seaweed just like in Japan.

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14354998_1751844471737300_3591016338300458484_nIf your closer to Murrieta, try the Ramen at Rolling Moon Sushi on California Oaks Road. This local restaurant has made sushi and sashimi eaters out of even the worst “raw fish” cynics in the area. His rolls, sashimi and sushi are wonderful.

14237664_1751844345070646_1246901329905318519_n-300x175The Ramen is also very delicious. They call theirs Paitan. The ingredients are incredibly fresh and the quality is amazing. They also have a Miso Ramen and a Shiyo Ramen that are equally good. Be sure to ask for the Chili Oil on the side if you like to spice up your life.

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Photos by Charles McKee & Janice Carr