HS Baseball: 2018 All Southwestern League Team Selections Announced

Temecula Valley’s Ethan Clough Named the League’s Most Valuable Player

The 2018 All Southwestern League Team selections were announced today. Temecula Valley’s Ethan Clough has been named as the league’s Most Valuable Player.

Clough was instrumental to the Golden Bears’ success as he pitched Temecula Valley to the Southwestern league Championship this year. The senior had 10 wins to lead the team and was a perfect 5-0 against Southwestern league opponents. He struck out 51 players in league action and had an overall ERA of 1.82.

Joining Clough on the All Southwestern League First Team are Max Rangel, Devon Hawks and Noah Ruden. Gabe Alvarez and Carson Frazer were selected for Second Team Honors.

Also named to the first team were Drew D’Ambra, Corey Sanchez and Kallen Mueller from Murrieta Valley. Vista Murrieta’s Jamie Olson, Jake Moberg, Great Oak’s Zach Arnold, Alex Householder, and Riley McDonald from Murrieta Mesa made First Team Honors.

The All Southwestern League Second Team consists of Dylan Morace, Christopher Gilmartin of Murrieta Valley, Anthony Tulimero, Zach Rodriguez of Vista Murrieta and Cameron Mabee, Josh Paino of Great Oak.

Also selected were Gabriel Ponce de Leon, Cameron Skinner of Murrieta Mesa and Chaparral’s Jonathan Combs and Addison Smith.

Most Valuable Player

Ethan Clough, Temecula Valley

All Southwestern Legue First Team

Max Rangel, Temecula Valley

Devon Hawks, Temecula Valley

Noah Ruden, Temecula Valley

Drew D’Ambra, Murrieta Valley

Corey Sanchez, Murrieta Valley

Kallen Mueller, Murrieta Valley

Jamie Olson, Vista Murrieta

Jake Moberg, Vista Murrieta

Zach Arnold, Great Oak

Alex Householder, Great Oak

Riley McDonald, Murrieta Mesa

All Southwestern League Second Team

Gabe Alvarez, Temecula Valley

Carson Frazer, Temecula Valley

Dylan Morace ,Murrieta Valley

Christopher Gilmartin, Murrieta Valley

Anthony Tulimero,Vista Murrieta

Zach Rodriguez, Vista Murrieta

Cameron Mabee, Great Oak

Josh Paino, Great Oak

Gabriel Ponce de Leon, Murrieta Mesa

Cameron Skinner, Murrieta Mesa

Jonathan Combs,Chaparral

Addison Smith, Chaparral