HS Baseball: Temecula Valley & Murrieta Valley Face Off Again Today with the Southwestern Title on the Line

The Nighthawks Beat the Golden Bears 5-2…Temecula Valley’s First Loss in Southwestern League Play

Murrieta Valley surprised Southwestern league pundits Tuesday when they defeated Temecula Valley. The Golden Bears had previously been undefeated in the Southwestern league and were solidly in command of first place.

The Nighthawks beat the Golden Bears 5-2 Tuesday. Now there is a race for first place on the Southwestern League. Today’s game between the two teams is key.

Temecula is now 9-1 in league play and the Nighthawks are in second place with a 7-2 record. Murrieta’s other league loss came at the hands of Chaparral when the Pumas beat them 8-5.

The Nighthawks play 2 games with Great Oak and 3 with Murrieta Mesa after today’s game. Temecula Valley will play 2 against Vista Murrieta and face Chaparral twice as the season winds down.

Southwestern League Standings

Temecula Valley 9-1

Murrieta Valley 7-2

Vista Murrieta 6-4

Great Oak 3-6

Chaparral 1-7

Murrieta Mesa 1-7

Photos by Mike Clary