HS Lacrosse: The 7th Annual Nathan Powell Tournament is April 29 at Great Oak High School

The Nathan Powell Tournament Legacy is a Fundraiser for the GOHS Boys Lacrosse Program

In 2011, GOHS Lacrosse Head Coach Karl Rohlin wanted to have a Freshman, Sophomore and JV tournament at the end of the season as a kind of finale for those two teams since they were not included in playoffs.

He invited teams to the Southwest Invitational Tournament to be held at the end of April. This was also a way to raise money for the self-funded lacrosse program and a new tradition was born.

Later that same year, Nathan Powell, the 12 year-old brother of one of the lacrosse players and son of one of the board members, passed away unexpectedly in his sleep. The loss greatly affected our players, coaches and the entire Great Oak lacrosse family.

To honor Nathan’s memory, the GOHS Lacrosse Parent Support Group Board decided to rename the tournament the Nathan Powell Southwest Invitational Tournament.

While the tournament, is still a fundraiser for the GOHS Boys Lacrosse program, an opportunity drawing is also held during the tournament to raise money for the LAX Angel Foundation. It is a nonprofit organization set up by Nathan’s parents to provide lacrosse gear to area players that cannot afford the equipment.

Come out and support the efforts of the Great Oak Lacrosse Team.