Lake Elsinore: 4,500 Pounds of Fish Released into the Lake Friday Morning

Are You Ready to Start Fishing 

Get your fishing gear and tackle box ready, there’s plenty of fish in Lake Elsinore now. The City of Lake Elsinore has released hundreds of channel catfish into the lake  on Friday morning.

The released cost the city $20,000 in an effort to boost its sportfishing industry. Over 4,500 pounds of fish, each weighing between 2 and 10 pounds each are now happily swimming in the lake.

It’s part of ensuring Lake Elsinore is the ultimate lake destination, the city is committed to ensuring a healthy sports fish population.

Since 2016, the city has invested heavily into its fish stocking program, spending more than $173,000 to plant more than 23,000 heads of Redear Sunfish, Blue Gill and Black Crappie and 23,032 lbs. of Channel Catfish into the lake to entice anglers of all skill levels to enjoy Lake Elsinore.

The fish stocking was just in time for the annual “Just 4 Kids Fishing Derby” yesterday.