Lake Elsinore: 7 Suspects with Outstanding DUI Warrants Caught in Police Sweep

Lake Elsinore, CA – Some think if they just don’t show up for a court hearing, the police won’t have the manpower to come find them. If your violation is a DUI, don’t count on it. Lake Elsinore Police Department Officers with dozens of outstanding arrest warrants fanned out into neighborhoods in search of high risk DUI offenders on Sunday. Officers served warrants and arrested 7 offenders who either failed to show up for a court date or violated terms of their probation in an outstanding DUI case.

Those caught often face additional jail time for failing to appear in court or for violating probation. When family, friends, and co-workers find out, violators can also face personal embarrassment as they are lead away in handcuffs, as well as missing work while sitting in jail.

Special DUI Warrant Service Operations along with regularly scheduled ‘High Visibility’ DUI enforcement has a deterrent effect on those who disregard driving safety and abuse alcohol and drugs. Lake Elsinore PD places a high priority on lowering deaths and injury with the goal of removing impaired drivers and heightening awareness of the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol

Press Release & File Photo Provided by the Riverside County Sheriff