Murrieta: 5th Grade DARE Program a Success

Since 1994, the Murrieta Police Department has taught the DARE curriculum to 5th graders in our local elementary schools. The Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program’s mission of teaching students good decision making skills to help them lead safe and healthy lives is consistent with the goals and mission of the Murrieta Police Department.

Over the last 20 years, countless Murrieta students have gained a greater understanding of the consequences that result from the choices they make as juveniles.

All eleven local Murrieta Valley Unified School District Elementary Schools including Lisa J Mails and Oak Meadows Elementary, a Menifee Elementary School have Murrieta Police Officers assigned as DARE Instructors. Each year, 5th grade students from the schools receive a 10 week DARE program, culminating in a DARE graduation and Mulligan’s DARE Fundraiser Night.

The program is paid for with funds from within the police department budget. In addition to Police Department funds, the end of year Mulligan’s night sends 25% of the proceeds back to the Police budget for the next year’s program.

Although the Murrieta Police Department supports DARE America’s mission,  they also want the community to know that Murrieta PD’s DARE Program is fully funded within the city budget. They  honor the partnership between the Murrieta Police Department and the Murrieta Valley School District.

Press Release Provided By the Murrieta Police Department