Murrieta: At Least One Dead, 15 Sent to the Hospital after “Large” Residential Gas Explosion on Wooden Horse Trail

A natural gas explosion rocked through a peaceful community in Murrieta this afternoon. The explosion killed a gas company employee and sent 15 people to the hospital for observation. A person who lives at the home is also unaccounted for.

The powerful blast destroyed one residence at the corner of Wooden House Trail at Spinning Wheel Drive, and damaged other houses near it.

A gas line was ruptured in a construction accident and was reported shortly before 11 am to  SoCalGas company. Workers arrived at the home about 20 minutes later. The explosion was reported at 12:10 pm.

“Earlier today, SoCalGas crews responded to reports of a natural gas line that was damaged by a contractor working on a home on Wooden Horse Trail in the City of Murrieta,” SoCalGas Spokeswoman Christine Detz wrote in a statement. “Shortly after crews arrived there was an explosion.”

“Preliminary information is that one occupant of the home may also be unaccounted for,” she added.

Murrieta Fire & Rescue Department indicated that 15 were injured and transported to hospitals for evaluation.

Additional  details will be provided as information is received.