Murrieta: Internet App Catches Three Suspected Burglars

On 6/13/2017 at approximately 6:56 a.m. a Murrieta resident reported a theft from her vehicle. The victim stated that her purse had been taken from her unlocked vehicle sometime the previous night. The victim had been in contact with her bank and discovered that several of her credit cards had been used at multiple locations in Menifee. A police report was filed at that time.

The victim contacted the Murrieta Police Department at approximately 12:30 a.m. on 6/14/17 regarding her case. The victim had been looking at an internet app used for selling items and had located what she believed to be her belongings.

A Murrieta Police Officer contacted the seller and arranged to purchase the items in question. At approximately 4:00 a.m. the subject selling the items responded to the City of Murrieta to complete the transaction.

The officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that they believed was related to the theft. The officers contacted the three occupants of the vehicle, identified as Cade Deardorff, Tiffany Roldan and a 17 year old male juvenile. A records check was conducted on all three occupants.

The check revealed that Mr. Deardorff had an outstanding felony warrant for fraud for his arrest and was on four separate felony probations for fraud. Ms. Roldan was found to have previous contacts with law enforcement for theft type incidents. Mr. Deardorff was placed under arrest for his outstanding felony warrant.

The officers conducted a search of the vehicle based upon the arrest of Mr. Deardorff and his four felony probations. The officers located methamphetamine on Mr. Deardorff. A credit card belonging to the original victim of vehicle theft was found in the pocket of the male juvenile. The male juvenile was also found to be in possession of heroin. The search of the vehicle also revealed several additional items taken during the theft from the unlocked vehicle.

During the investigation it was discovered that Ms. Roldan, the driver of the vehicle, was under the influence of alcohol and had been driving while intoxicated. Ms. Roldan was arrested for driving under the influence and possession of stolen property. Mr. Deardorff was arrested for his outstanding felony warrant, possession of methamphetamine, violation of his four probations and the possession of stolen property.

The male juvenile was arrested for the possession of heroin and possession of stolen property. Ms. Roldan and Mr. Deardorff were booked into the Southwest Detention center without incident. The male juvenile was released from the Murrieta Police Department to his father.
Cade Deardorff (19 years) Resident of Murrieta
Charges: 11377(a) HS – Possession of a Controlled Substance; 1203.2(a) PC – Violation of Probation; 496(A) PC – Possession of Stolen Property; Felony Warrant
Booking Number: 201722640
Tiffany Roldan (21 Years) Resident of Menifee
Charges: 23152(A) VC – DUI; 496(A) PC – Possession of Stolen Property
Booking Number: 201722639
Juvenile (17 years) Resident of Winchester
Charges: 11350(a) HS – Possession of a Controlled Substance; 496(A) PC – Possession of Stolen Property
Murrieta File Number: 1706M-3297
Press Release Provided By the Murrieta Police Department