Murrieta Mesa’s 10th Annual “Share the Harvest” Served Over 2,000 Free Thanksgiving Dinners Saturday

Hundreds of Turkeys & all the Trimmings were also Given Away to Families and Individuals in the Community

Murrieta Mesa High School in association with the Murrieta Rotary Club hosted the 10th annual “Share the Harvest” and Fall Festival Saturday afternoon. The Students and Faculty volunteers served over 2,000 free Thanksgiving Dinners for those in the community.

“This is an incredible event for our students, staff and the community” said Murrieta Mesa Principal Steve Ellis. “With over 2,000…not counting students and staff…served meals at the school. Around 200 frozen turkey meals also passed out, and hundreds of meals were delivered at the end of the event.. it truly impacts the community”.

The annual event was the brainchild of Mike Stowe and Mary Walters, the first principal of Murrieta Mesa High School. When they first opened the school Mrs. Walters noted that they have such an incredible kitchen and facilities here.

She felt that it would be a perfect place to have a Thanksgiving Dinner for anyone in the community who needed somewhere to go and thus a Tradition was born. Stowe got the Rotary Club involved and “Share the Harvest” has become a Murrieta Mesa tradition.

“None of this would be possible without Mary Walters, Mike Stowe, Terry Kim, our students and the generosity of the community that donates all of the food’ added Ellis.

“My favorite part of the event is what our students learn by serving. It opens their eyes to some of the needs people have. I love it when they run up to me to tell me stories of the wonderful people they meet. The students realize just how important conversations are to our guests. I know this can really create some great perspective for our students on what is important in life’.

Any collected items that were not used for the Thanksgiving meal are donated to local food pantries.

Photos by Charles McKee