Murrieta: Nighthawks Robotic Team Wins the Final VEX Regional Robotics Championship Tournament

Murrieta Valley Qualifies Two Teams to Advance to the State Championship

Murrieta Valley sent four Robotics Teams to King High School in Riverside to compete in the final VEX Regional Robotics Championship Tournament of the year. The Nighthawks competed against 32 teams representing various schools from all over Southern California.

All 32 teams were playing this year’s game “In the Zone”, including the 4 from MV. This was the last opportunity for 3 of the Murrieta Valley Teams to try and qualify for the State Championship. Team 569C had qualified earlier in the season. The pressure was intense.

“All 4 of our Murrieta Valley teams performed brilliantly and made the playoffs” said Robotics Club Adviser Kevin Bradley. “Team 569B rallied and went on to win the final regional tournament of the year.

The victory guarantied a slot in the Southern California State Championships for the team. Team 569B will move up an will now be joining Team 569C at the Pomona Fairgrounds in 2 weeks.

“Even though two of our teams will not be moving on, all four teams have worked tirelessly since August at perfecting not only their bots, but the engineering process” said Bradley. “Please congratulate all of the Students on a job well done”.

Team 569A

Antonio Plaza

Jack Zeng

Juan Gonzalez

Kayla Teposte

Maiah Rivas

Marcos Britsch

Mauricio Guillen-Negrete

Ryley Nicola

Team 569B

Aneesh Aryal

Cameron Hay

Connor Burke

Hans Chen

Ian Anderson

Justice Mann

Maddie Halcomb

Matthew Christensen

Max Montes

Nicholas Miller

Aidan Maronde

Jacob Halcomb

Carson Morrison

Nicholas Thomas

Team 569C

Adam Cuellar

Contessa Sunins

David Ngo

Luis Miguel Librando

Malakai Cupid

Priscilla Ngo

James Dayanghirang

Callen Zimmer

Martin Magsino

Dinh Bui

Shahab Besharatlou

Jordan Fitzpatrick

Darrion De Shong

Sam Genous

Team 569D

Alex Tran

Ally Baker

Ashlyn Holley

Dylan Yeager

Emad Saadat

Erick Eguia

Joel Smith

Kyle Lakin

Matthew Roman

Trevor Larson

Clara Nolan

Andy Jimenez-Rangel

Alan Morales

Alex Nicholas

Sukanya Krishna

Sebastian Mejia