Murrieta: Omigod You Guys… Legally Blonde is Coming to Town!

Vista Murrieta High School Drama Club Presents “Legally Blonde the Musical” on February 14th, 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th

By Natalie Calderon, Vice President of Vista Murrieta Drama Club

The “Nation’s Most Spirited High School’s” award winning Drama Department: Vista Murrieta High School A C.L.A.S.S. ACT presents Legally Blonde the Musical at 7pm on February 14th, 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th.

All performances are in the school’s Performing Arts Center. Vista Murrieta High School is located at 28251 Clinton Keith Road, Murrieta.

Legally Blonde the Musical is based off of the 2001 movie Legally Blonde, starring Reese Witherspoon as the lead actress Elle Woods. Elle is a seemingly ditzy but surprisingly intelligent UCLA sorority girl who is madly in love with her boyfriend, Warren.

When Warren dumps her, claiming he needs a more serious relationship, Elle follows him to Harvard Law School to prove to him that she is more than just a spoiled sorority girl. Along the way, Elle faces many obstacles, including Warren’s new girlfriend, acclimation to the world of law, and people who underestimate her; however, she also makes new friends, discovers her passions, and possibly develops feelings for another guy…Come watch the show to find out!

Characters Mentioned

Cassidy Finch (12) – Elle Woods

Sarah Bennett (12) – Margot

Iris Zietlow (10) – Serena

Production Team Mentioned

Cory Finch – VMHS Drama Department teacher and director

Perri Sparano – Legally Blonde stage manager

As opening night gets closer and closer, the Vista Murrieta High School Drama Department works hard to prepare themselves for their annual musical: Legally Blonde. Yes, that’s right – the 2001 movie starring Reese Witherspoon is going to be put onstage but with a musical twist!

The production is off to a great start, with a high energy cast and a hardworking crew. “Rehearsals are going great,” says Cory Finch, VMHS drama teacher and director. “We have a lot of enthusiasm – a lot of energy – as we’re putting together the vocals, the choreography, starting the blocking process, learning our characters.

So it’s really exciting.” His daughter, Cassidy Finch (12), will be playing the lead role of Elle Woods, a part that she has dreamed of for a long time. “The character has been one of my dream roles ever since I heard of the show for the first time in 2009,” explains Cassidy Finch. “Her complexity, strength, passion, and love is really inspiring, and has inspired me personally to have more faith and confidence in myself.”

The entire cast is ecstatic about bringing this fun, high-energy show to life. “I’m excited to show the audience the positive energy and everything we’ve been working so hard on,” says Sarah Bennett (12), who plays Margot in Legally Blonde. “It’s a really amazing show.” Amazing is right, for the cast of Legally Blonde have their work cut out for them.

Everyday after school, the cast and crew rehearse and put together all the production aspects. Not only do the students have to develop their characters and learn challenging choreography, but they also have to build their set and put together props and costumes. The show’s stage manager, Perri Sparano (12), says that the crew is “incredibly hard-working and I enjoy working with them everyday.” As for the show in its entirety, Sparano believes “it’s going to be a really really great show that everyone is going to want to see.”

Vista Murrieta is not all talk, for over the years, the school has won many awards in several different categories from ensemble, to live music, to lead roles, to set design, and much more. In the 2017 MACY (Music and Art Commendations for Youth) Awards, Dylan Wager, Raquel Deporto, Cassidy Finch, Kailey Bosna, Jacob Rivera, Natalie Calderon, Colin Acda, Dani Arriberre, Annabella Cusimano, Jack Hutchens, Gavin Martin, Erin Lamay, Patrick Tuazon, Caleb Batchman, Kiara Harris, Robin Frieberg, Geoffrey Geogshegan, Andi Moring, and Sarah Bennett were all given awards for the roles they played in last year’s VMHS season.

The National Youth Arts also awarded VMHS’s production of Almost, Maine with “Outstanding Ensemble” to the cast and “Outstanding Student Direction” to students Cassidy Finch (12) and Natalie Calderon (12). The NYA also awarded “Outstanding Featured Actress in a Play” to Kailey Bosna (12) for her role as Sandrine in Almost, Maine and Erin Lamay (12) for her role as Glory in Almost, Maine. The program has a lot of talent, and their efforts are being recognized by many people in the theater community.

Not only is the VMHS Drama Department a group of talented, hardworking students, but they are also a theater family. Iris Zietlow (11), who plays Serena in Legally Blonde, is so happy to be “bonding with [her] fellow sorority sisters – or Delta Nus. […They’re] creating a real sisterhood, and [they] get to show that onstage.”

A lot of the crew and cast members have known each other for years – even since middle school – so creating such a close bond with one another is almost inevitable. That’s right, folks, the chemistry that you will see onstage is not fabricated, for the people in the VMHS Drama program call themselves a “theater family.”

The Vista Murrieta High School Drama Department hopes that you will come see their show. Not only is it local, but totally affordable – being only $8 with an ASB card and $10 without the card at the door – so invite all your family and friends to come watch and support the theater community.

Whether you are looking for a new show in town, something to do with your friends, date night, or just a night out where you can have fun, Legally Blonde is the show for you. “[Our] biggest goal for show is to have the audience knowing that they got a quality show and that they leave happier than when they came,” says Zietlow. So come see Legally Blonde and not only support your local thespians, but a talented, hard-working theater family.