Riverside: Asian Pacific American Heritage Celebrated at the Lunar New Year Festival on Saturday, January 27

The Festivities Run for a Month… Starting in Mid January to Mid February 

Downtown Riverside will be transported to the beauty and magnificence of the Ancient Orient. The fun begins with a Spectacular Parade of Nations at 10 am followed by Opening Ceremonies at 10:45 am on Saturday, January 27th .

Traditional Asian Music, Taiko Drums and Dance Performances will be featured. Asian American Art Exhibits and Day-Long Demonstrations of Martial Arts,and a range of Asian Cultural displays of various kinds will be on display put on by community and professional groups.

The festivities will be held on one of three separate stages throughout the day. There will also be Anime Cosplayers walking around the exhibits in costume throughout the event!

Make sure you visit the Children’s Village for FREE Arts and Crafts. Also check out the Health Expo hosted by local medical professionals, that brings the art of the Mind, Body and Spirit into ones well being.

Food, food, food! Enjoy the day’s events with authentic Asian foods from the Far East. There will be many vendors hawking delicious Asian delicacies Try a variety of Teas at the Cultural Pavilions to tantalize the pallet.

ou are encouraged to dress the part and join in on the festivities. Wear your favorite Asian Attire along with the hundreds of traditional cultural garbs from all over Asia and South Pacific.

The Closing Ceremony will feature a spectacular Fireworks Display ringing in the Lunar New Year with a Bang!

The actual event will be in Downtown Riverside from 10am to 9pm from mid January to mid February.

The Lunar New Year Festival is to Collaborate, Commemorate and Celebrate the Asian Pacific Cultural Heritage and Contributions in Southern California. APCA. It helps promote the awareness and increases the understanding of the Asian Pacific American cultures and its diversity through education.

Parking is Free, Admission is Free, and the Cultural Experience is Priceless.

Press Release & Photos Provided By the Asian Pacific Cultural Association

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