Riverside: County’s Director of Child Protection Social Services Official Leaves

Lawsuits Allege her Office Allowed a Girl to be Raped, another to live with a Dead Siblings Corps

The top social services official for the County of Riverside left her job on Monday, Sept. 10. Susan von Zabern,  was the director of the Department of Public Social Services.

She has stepped down after allegations that her department’s social workers failed to report and adequately investigate several child abuse and neglect claims. Von Zabern had been the director since 2007.

Two civil lawsuits have been filed against the County that claim that social services workers mishandled several cases. One involved a 3-year-old whose mother wasn’t taking her medications. The little girl was being abused and neglected and lived in filthy conditions. She was found who was hugging the remains of her infant sibling’s mummified corpse.

The other involved a 13-year-old girl who was repeatedly raped and eventually impregnated by her mother’s live-in boyfriend.

The county has denied any fault in the two cases.

Photo: County of Riverside