Riverside: Owner of a Pet Dog Locked in a Hot Car May be Facing Charges

Riverside Police officers responded to a call of a dog locked in a car with only the windows cracked on Main Street in front of the courthouse Wednesday morning.

The offcers could see the dog appeared to be in distress so they broke one of the car windows. With the help of an officer from the Riverside County Department of Animal Services, the dog was rescued from the hot car.

At 10:30 a.m., the outside temperature was 89 degrees, but the temperature inside this car was 106.5. The cracked windows did nothing to keep it cooler.

The Police would like to remind everyone that how sweltering our summers get… “ridiculous hot. So please, do not leave your pets inside a hot vehicle, ever. And while we’re at it, also do not leave your humans inside a hot car”.

For important tips for pet owners on hot days like today, visit the Riverside County Department of Animal Services website at https://www.rcdas.org/…/ser…/pet-education/tips-for-hot-days.

The dog was taken to the animal shelter and checked out by a vet, and his owner may be facing some charges.


Press Release Provided By the Riverside Police Department