SCAM ALERT: Fraudulent Calls to Public Utilities Customers Regarding Free Solar Services in Riverside

Scammers have been contacting Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) customers offering discounted and free solar services.

Unfortunately, RPU’s customer service number (951) 782-0330 is displaying on the caller ID, which is a form of spoofing. Caller ID spoofing occurs when a caller deliberately falsifies the information transmitted to your caller ID display to disguise their identity. In this case, it has been reported that scammers have called customers multiple times in a day to gain business.

Be advised this is NOT solicitation from Riverside Public Utilities nor any representative. RPU does not contact residents for the sale or service of solar panels.

Additionally, in regards to any form of payment, RPU contacts its customers only through paper billing statements, online billing statements, late payment reminders, and green “48-hour notification” tags placed at the customer’s address.

RPU does not call customers to demand payment. RPU employees who work out in the community drive clearly marked RPU vehicles, wear City uniforms, and display proper photo identification.

Customers who have any questions about suspicious calls are encouraged to report possible fraudulent actions by dialing the City of Riverside’s Call Center at (951) 826-5311.

You can also file a report with the Riverside Police Department (RPD) by calling the dispatch center at (951) 354-2007 or in person at RPD’s Magnolia Avenue station or Orange Street station.

Press Release Provided By the City of Riverside