SoCal: “Contact in the Desert” Investigates Reports of Extraterrestrial Contact on May 31-June 3, 20

UFO Sightings Happened 2016-18, Will 2019 Reveal More?

Indian Wells, CA – The world’s largest UFO conference, Contact in the Desert (CITD), returns for its 7th year on May 31-June 3, 2019 in Indian Wells, California. The most comprehensive lineup of experts ever assembled will lecture on the

latest developments in UFO studies, government disclosure, ancient civilizations, crop circles, and more.

The event grows exponentially every year, with attendees from all over the globe gathering for panel discussions, workshops, film screenings, speaker meet & greets, night sky gazing, and tours of the area’s historic UFO sites. Contact in the Desert 2019 will be held at the Renaissance Indian Wells Resort & Spa and is expected to surpass 7,000 participants.

Hot topics at Contact in the Desert will include the controversial interstellar object Oumuamua, which was analyzed by the Astrophysics Department at Harvard University; the Department of Defense Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, discoveries in geothermal caverns in Antarctica; and a panel on History Channel’s new hit series, Project Blue Book.

The conference offers 57 lectures, 42 workshops, 8 panels, 3 “conversations with,” and 14 intensives.

The all-star lineup includes veteran CITD speakers Erich von Daniken, author of ancient-astronaut classic Chariots of the Gods and George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM Radio.

Giorgio Tsoukalos, star of History Channel’s Ancient Aliens; South African researcher Michael Tellinger, British Government Ministry of Defense specialist Nick Pope and Whitley Strieber, the best-selling author/screenwriter Communion will be speaking. Also, FBI, NASA, military, and government officials, ancient alien researchers and scientists, archeologists and cosmologists will be on hand.

Fifteen new speakers have been added to the 50+ speaker line up this year, which will also feature:

Linda Moulton Howe

David Wilcock

Michael Salla

David Adair

Jacques Vallee

Richard Dolan

Nassim Haramein,

Emery Smith

James Gilliland

Stephen Bassett

Hugh Newman

Peter Levenda,

Laura Eisenhower

Jimmy Church

Clyde Lewis

Yvonne Smith

Brien Foerster,

John Desouza

Clifford Mahooty

Billy Carson,

Joel “Doc” Wallach

Steve Murillo, and many more.

The desert of southern California has a long history of ufology, and featured documentary Calling All Earthlings explores the Integratron, one most famous sites in the area, which also may be seen during one of several off-site tours offered as an add-on to the weekend pass.

Advance prices on the weekend passes are $260 single, $470 double. Meal plans are also available, and some events have additional fees. For more information see

Forbes Magazine named the Contact In The Desert as one of ‘The World’s 8 Best Places to Search For UFOs’, and USA Today calls it “The Woodstock of UFOs.” The conference is the most important educational gathering of its kind, at a time when “the need to know” is stronger than ever.

For more information, please contact Bonnie Burkert at; or call (213) 200-0786.

Press Release Provided By Contact In The Desert