SoCal: Local High School Students Compete in the 17th Annual Solar-Powered Boat Races

Students from Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, Temecula, Corona & Riverside will Participate in the Event on May 18th

The 17th annual Solar Cup Competition’s qualifying rounds will be held at Lake Skinner in the Temecula Valley on May 18th . High School teams from Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties will be competing to see who has designed the best Solar-Powered Boat.

The Solar Cup is a high school education program in which teams of students from throughout Southern California build and race solar-powered boats. The seven-month program culminates in a three-day competition at Lake Skinner, in Temecula Valley. Through the program, students learn about conservation of natural resources, electrical and mechanical engineering, problem solving and much more.

Over 40 Southern California high schools will participate in the race next Saturday. The contest requires that the boats are powered only with the power of sunlight. More than 600 students are competing in this year’s race. The race for single-person skiffs is scheduled for May 18th. A 200-meter sprint race is featured on Sunday.

Come out and support these future engineers this weekend. Over 10,000 students have participated in the solar boat races since 2002. Lake Skinner is located at the foot of Bachelor Mountain in the Auld Valley, approximately 10 miles northeast of Temecula. The address is 37701 Warren Road in Winchester.

Lakeshore access is free.