Sposito’s in Temecula is a Great place for Pastries & Desserts


From the colorful surroundings to the exuberant owners there is nothing short of a unique experience to be had at this incredibly unique restaurant. They serve a combination of Italian and Cuban favorites.

13912919_1738643899724024_3422237205632663633_n (1)The desserts were amazing. We had a Cannoli stuffed with ricotta cheese and citrus orange peel filling. The Sfpgliatelle (pronounced- sfohl-ya-TEL-le”) ,a traditional Italian ricotta cheese-filled pastry in a crust of flaky, leaf-like layers is one of their specialties, a must try.

Stay tuned for Travis Harris’ complete Restaurant Review coming soon.

Here;s their Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/SpositosCuisine/photos/

Photos by Lucas Haynes