Tech Tip: Everybody Loves Their Favorite Web Browser; We Want A Bunch Of Them


Courtesy of Singing Wire Web Design of Temecula, California:

Here’s a great article on Network World in support of Firefox from Mozilla. (Firefox IS an open-source project, sorta kinda, so it comes with a healthy dash of populism built-in.)

There are a bunch of different web browsers in the world, some of them great & some of them not-so-much. Their job is to take web pages and display them as closely as possible to the way to website creator intended on your computer screen.

I’m not going to bash any browsers, (although I’m sorely tempted in a couple of cases) because multiple browsers are a useful tool-set for a web designer…and quite a few other people as well.

They come in handy for:

  • Testing out websites across multiple browsers to make sure the site functions well.
  • Separating your personal and business accounts so you can be logged into both at the same time.
  • Allowing you to be logged into your accounts and also the new accounts you’re building for clients at the same time on the same computing device.
  • Saving different sets of bookmarks / favorites (IE: websites you like or use a lot) to multiple cloud accounts so that you don’t lose them when your PC or MAC goes poof, crack, sizzle, pop, sploosh, or whatever smokes it.
  • Allowing you to use websites that don’t play nice with one browser in a different one.
  • You tell me, I’m open to more reasons.

The bottom line is, this is technology, not football or the 1960’s auto industry. A web browser is a tool. It is not a brand or a team.

For all kinds of geeks, and even the tech-challenged, having at least a couple of browsers installed and knowing how to use them is a really beneficial idea. For some of us, having six or ten wouldn’t be a bad thing. Competition or just adaptation are all part of the Great Tech Game.

Some different browsers, in no particular order:

There are more to be had if you need them.

Dan S.