Tech Tip: Windows 7; Windows Update Checking For Updates Forever? Do This!

Article on Windows Update fix courtesy of Temecool Computer Repair of Temecula, California:

I had a client PC several months ago that needed to be upgraded from Windows Vista (No longer supported at all by Microsoft) to Windows 7. (In this case Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit) Windows Update hung in “checking for updates” for a full 24 hours without finding any. I knew the installation was a few years old.

I went searching in the Windows 7 support forums, online communities, and probably fifteen pages or more back in Google search results.

Finally, after three days, I found this little jewel:

Win 7 Hung On Checking for Updates

This has worked for me every time:

The solution:

  • Stop the Windows Update Service (wuauserv).
  • Download and install KB3050265 
  • Reboot
  • Download and install KB3102810
  • Reboot
  • Check for updates again.

The update file names above are linked directly to the Microsoft download pages for stand-alone installers for these particular Windows Updates. They contain links the installer files for Windows 7 32-bit, 64-bit, and Windows Server 2008 versions of the installer files. You can download these directly from Microsoft at those links.

After following the instructions above, the PC I was working on proceeded to download and install over 400 Windows Updates over the next 36 hours.

I have since used this trick on at least four other PC’s with the exact same problem with consistent success. If you have the same issue with Windows Update not finding any updates in Windows 7, the odds are high that these two installers will fix it for you.

Windows Update Check-for-Windows-update_1100x619.jpg

We’ve had very good luck with this fix, and hope you will too. This is a particularly frustrating problem, as this fix is buried way back in the forum pages, and in search results. At Temecool Computer repair, our mission is to make technology easier. We realize that we can’t work on every PC in the country, but we’ll do our best to help you every day.

Consider this a little present from the little green alien in Temecula, California!


TCR Staff