Tech Tips: Beware of Romance Scams on the Internet

Romance Scams…Love is in the Air

Both men and women, young and old, have fallen victim to meeting people online, being befriended, while communicating by phone or internet only. This communication rapidly develops from friendship to romance, but the people never actually meet in person. Once the person becomes a part of the victim’s daily routine, a sudden fictional emergency prompts an urgent need for money.

These scam artists will continue to request money and cease contact when they are no longer successful. They usually operate with fictitious identities and profiles, and will use dating websites, blogs, and social media to connect with their victims.

Other fraudsters read obituaries and do online research into family members and their circumstances. They act as if they knew the lost loved one and introduce themselves into the widow’s life to manipulate them financially.

So…Beware of unscrupulous people who want to take advantage of you on the Internet.

Press Release Provided By the Riverside Police Department