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Major WordPress Botnet Attack Underway Right Now – 07-03-2017

Article Courtesy of Singing Wire Web Design: Currently there is a botnet attacking the default login page of WordPress websites. It’s trying out default user names with password after password – a “brute force” attack, as they’re called. I’ve seen it attempting to hit three of my sites, and at least three other sites I’m […]Read More »

Tech Tip Red Alert: How To Protect Yourself From WannaCry Ransomware

The ransomware known as “WannaCry” or “WannaCrypt has been hitting out-of-date Windows PC’s in 150 countries, shutting down major institutions like hospitals, government health agencies, universities, banks, and much more. This article on CNET gives instructions on how to protect yourself BEFORE an infection occurs. ( ) Microsoft has even issued a patch for Windows […]Read More »

Tech Tip : Blazing Speed Up... Upgrade To An SSD

Courtesy of Temecool Computer Repair – Upgrading to an SSD (Solid State Drive) from an ordinary HDD (Hard Disk Drive) can dramatically speed up your PC. From boot-up time to operation and loading programs or files, an SSD will brighten up your computing day considerably. TCR just finished upgrading a Dell Latitude E5420 laptop for a client […]Read More »

Tech Tip: Windows 7; Windows Update Checking For Updates Forever? Do This!

Windows Update Check-for-Windows-update_1100x619.jpgArticle on Windows Update fix courtesy of Temecool Computer Repair of Temecula, California: I had a client PC several months ago that needed to be upgraded from Windows Vista (No longer supported at all by Microsoft) to Windows 7. (In this case Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit) Windows Update hung in “checking for updates” for […]Read More »

Temecula: Cybersecurity Seminar for Your Home & Business this Friday

  Learn How to Help Protect Your Family & Business from the Malicious Dangers of Cyberspace Dan Stafford, president of Temecool Computer Repair, in Conjunction with the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange will present a seminar titled “Cyber Security For The Home & Small Business User”. The Seminar will […]Read More »

Tech Tip: Speed Up Your PC With Readyboost

Article on Readyboost Courtesy of Temecool Computer Repair: Windows introduced a new technology in Windows version 7 to speed up your PC. It’s called Readyboost, and all you need is a sufficiently large and new USB flash drive. (Also known as a jump drive or thumb drive.) You’ll need a free USB 2.0 or higher […]Read More »

Tech Tip - Avoiding Ransomware

“Avoiding Ransomware” Courtesy of Temecool Computer Repair: Trying to figure out the secrets of avoiding ransomware? You can do it! First, realize that it’s not some data ninja sneaking into your home or office to put ransomware on your PC.  There are some simple and common ways that the thieves are using to get into […]Read More »

Tech Tip: THE Fastest, Lowest-Cost Way To Speed Up A Slow Computer....

Slow computer: srippon-RAM-computer-memory.pngThe fastest, lowest-cost way to speed up a slow computer is to add RAM memory, or Random Access Memory to your machine if it will take it. RAM Chip RAM memory chips are where your computer puts the programs and information that it is working on RIGHT NOW. This is what I call working memory, […]Read More »

Tech Tip: Jetpack Plugin Security Vulnerability Puts 1 Million Sites At Risk; Upgrade ASAP

Courtesy of Singing Wire Web Design: I’m going to keep this brief. The vulnerability regards comments and injecting malicious code via content in a comment. Jetpack version 4.0.3 or higher has a fix implemented. Full Details From Network WorldRead More »

Tech Tip: Everybody Loves Their Favorite Web Browser; We Want A Bunch Of Them

Courtesy of Singing Wire Web Design of Temecula, California: Here’s a great article on Network World in support of Firefox from Mozilla. (Firefox IS an open-source project, sorta kinda, so it comes with a healthy dash of populism built-in.) There are a bunch of different web browsers in the world, some of them great & […]Read More »

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