Temecula: Cast Off for a Culinary Voyage at the Bluewater Grill


The Bluewater Grill offers more than 40 varieties of seafood at their restaurants annually, from oysters on the half shell, award winning Chordata to Swordfish, which they harvest with their own harpoon boat, the Pilikia. They opened their first eatery 20 years ago and now have established themselves as “the place” for great seafood in Temecula.14494864_1099132836843096_2142743163869192504_n

My favorite is their rendition of the classic San Francisco Cioppino. The Bluewater Grill’s Cioppino ($27.50) is loaded with Dungeness crab, mussels, clams, shrimp, scallops, squid, and fish. The zesty marinara broth was amazing, made from fresh tomatoes, garlic and basil and wine. This was truly an incredible and delicious feast.

14572965_1099132650176448_1926607172156898735_nThe Crab Cakes ($12.75) were also amazing. Loaded with chunks of crab meat and very little of anything else. These delightful cakes were seared perfectly and served with a tangy remoulade, a dash of olive oil and micro greens.

14479527_1099132710176442_5569393333016538683_nOur group also sampled the Black Mussels with Spanish Chorizo ($13). This appetizer was excellent. The mussels were tender and there were lots of them. The sweet flavor of the shellfish was enhanced by the chorizo , which complemented and did not overwhelm the dish.


14519926_1099132720176441_6505015779468364769_nThe Blackened Swordfish ($26) was harpooned by the Blue Water’s own ship and they take pride in this dish. Tasting it confirmed why. It was seasoned with their own blend of spices and then perfectly seared. The fish was very moist and practically fell apart. Well done!

14543722_1099132956843084_765045567268764254_oWe next tried a new dish that Chef Art Garcia has come up with. Seared Scallops with Grits. Yes, Grits. Chef explained that grits are the all the rave in what’s hot in restaurants around America. The Bluewater Grill’s are infused with goat cheese and served with seared scallops, asparagus and corn, topped off a little lemon vest and chive oil. This was my favorite dish of the day.

14563303_1099132890176424_1644433830306700252_nWe tried one of the lunch Combos that were featured that day. We chose the Mahi Mahi fish Taco with a Seafood Louie salad. It was an amazing value for just $12. The Mahi Mahi was grilled and placed in a soft, warm tortilla and served with a big, beautiful salad filled with red rock crab and bay shrimp.

14522782_1099132790176434_1922717069057566575_nThe Trout Almadine was one of the best dishes we tried. farm raised caught trout is dipped in egg and covered with panko, parsley and almonds. It is seared on a flat top and comes to the table with a delicious crusty and toasted flavor with incredible texture.

For all you land lovers out there, the Bluewater Grill also features Steaks, Burgers and Chicken on their menu. Check out their WEBSITE HERE for more information.

Photos by Mike Clary