Temecula: Charity for Charity’s “Stars of the Valley” Event Shined Bright on Saturday Night

The Temecula Based Charity Selects 3 Main Beneficiaries Every Year & Helps Fulfill their Wishes

Founder Charity Prestifilippo stated that the organization, Charity for Charity tries to make significant differences in the lives of others, and to help inspire the community to accomplish incredible things. The Temecula based Charity is helping to fulfill wishes for individuals in our community with life threatening illness or traumatic injuries.

Every year, the charity selects an adult, a young adult and a child with either a life threatening illness or traumatic injury as beneficiaries. The organization surprises the recipients with their wishes at their big event, Stars of the Valley.

This year’s recipients are Jennifer Marx, Ashley Fox and Jacob Dabbario.

Jennifer Marx is a 45 year old loving, single mother to her son Tyler. In July of 2016 Jennifer was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma (skin cancer) which metastasized to her brain. During her brain surgery to remover the tumors, she had a massive stroke leaving her disabled and unable to walk without assistance.

Ashley Fox is an 18 year old graduate of Temescal Canyon High School and now a student at Mt. San Jacinto College. Asley was born with SMA type 2, a genetic disorder. There is no stopping this wheelchair bound ex-girl scout, high school cheerleader and college student.

Jacob Dabbario is 14 years old. He was born with Goldenhar syndrome. This rare condition affects the development of the eye, ear and spine. Jacob has endured having part of his intestines removed, surgeries on his brain, and  has four screws and brackets placed in his lower sine. Jacob also has a significant speech impediment and is partially deaf in one ear.

Stars of the Valley is a formal banquet, complete with a silent and live auction and was held at Pechanga Resort and Casino for the second year. During the first part of the event, Charity for Charity honors the three beneficiaries by sharing their stories and surprising them with their wishes.

Charity for Charity was awarded the 2018 nonprofit of the year by the state of California.

To get involved, call ​951.77.STARS

Photos by Scott Padgett