Temecula: Every Residence in the City to Receive a “Temecula SAFE 3-Minute Bag” this Saturday

This Saturday, June 23, 2018, citizen volunteers of Temecula Valley Helping Hands, representatives from the City of Temecula, and other organizations including the Kiwanis Club and local scout troops, will be dropping off a “Temecula SAFE 3-Minute Bag” at every residential doorstep in the City.

This program was funded entirely by Temecula Valley Helping Hands, with contributors including Southern California Edison, SoCal Gas, CR&R, Rancho California Water District, Temecula Valley Hospital, and the City.

Inside the bag will be a Special Edition Temecula SAFE Emergency Preparedness Newsletter, produced by the City of Temecula, filled with helpful information including:

Wildfire prevention guidelines for your home

3-minute and 3-day emergency supply lists

City communications during an emergency event

List/phone numbers of local hospitals

Treating potentially contaminated water

Health and safety tips before and during an emergency

Links for updates about nearby wildfires, earthquakes and freeway closures

Temecula Mayor Matt Rahn stated, “As part of the City of Temecula’s 2018 Temecula SAFE theme, we are raising awareness about emergency preparedness because no community is immune from the possibility of a natural disaster or emergency.”

Mayor Rahn noted that all first responders and staff at the City of Temecula are well-trained and prepared, and the goal is that every household is informed, equipped and likewise prepared. This includes reminding citizens to keep nonperishable food, water and emergency supplies in their homes to last a minimum of three days at all times, and educating Temecula residents on City communications.

Press Release Provided By the City of Temecula