Temecula: Huge,“Very Physical & Disturbing” Fight Erupts at Great Oak High School During Lunch

A huge fight broke out Thursday at lunch break at Great Oak High School. Multiple students have been hospitalized and we will update the injuries as they are reported.

Here is a letter explaining what occured from Great Oak Principal Aimee Ricken:

A few minutes into the lunch break today, we had a fight break out between two students. According to reports initially received, the two students had pre-planned the fight. Additional students began to get involved and within a matter of minutes, the number of participants grew into hundreds of students pushing and converging on the scene.

Campus supervisors and our campus SRO intervened. Unfortunately, students involved in the incident did not respond to authorities and continued to fight. It became necessary for us to ring the lunch bell early and have students report to their 5th-period classroom to allow us to safely clear the campus.

We made arrangements for students who missed lunch to come to the cafeteria and purchase during their 5th-period class. Today’s incident was very physical and disturbing for our entire campus.

Three of the students involved needed medical attention and two campus supervisors were injured. I am extremely upset this occurred and that students and staff on our campus were in an unsafe environment.

Many of our students escalated today’s incident because they prioritized the need to record the activity with their phones or physically pushed themselves to the front of the activity. Please review with your student the importance of listening and responding to adult instructions during times of crisis or incident command.

Despite posts on social media to the contrary, no weapons were involved. We have made arrangements for additional law enforcement and administrative support to be onsite at dismissal today to assist us with safely releasing students, as well as address concerns we have for this activity to possibly continue at the park.

All students involved in today’s incident have been identified by the administration and are being handled through appropriate student discipline protocols. Going forward, we will be working with our on-campus video media team to craft a message and video instructing our students, and reviewing with our students appropriate safety protocols”.

Two students were transported to the hospital with minor injuries. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Statement Provided By Great Oak High School