Temecula: Las Cafeteras’ Vibrant Music Comes to Temecula Friday, May 25th

Born in East LA in 2008, Las Cafeteras have taken the music scene by storm with their live performances and have crossed genre and musical borders creating a vibrant musical fusion with a community-focused message.

Las Cafeteras are children of immigrants who are remixing roots music and telling modern day stories with a sound brought to life by the eclectic instrumentation used which include: jarana, requinto, cajón, quijada (donkey jawbone), a West African bass instrument called the marimbol, and a wooden platform called the tarima used to dance zapateado.

Their namesake derives from the organization where they took classes, the Eastside Café.

The Old Town Temecula Community Theater is a vibrant performing arts destination, having entertained over a half-million visitors with world-class and affordable concerts, plays, and dance performances.




FRI, MAY 25, 2018 at 8pm


Old Town Temecula Community Theater


$25 Regular

Press Release Provided By the City of Temecula