Temecula: Pechanga Resort Casino to Give Away 500 Turkeys for Thanksgiving

The Casino will also Donate 20,000 Partially Unused Rolls of Toilet Paper to the Needy

On Tuesday, November 13th, Pechanga Resort Casino will give away turkeys and rolls of partially unused toilet paper to the area’s needy. Pechanga distributes 500 turkeys for the Thanksgiving holiday. This year, they will add toilet paper to the donation.

The turkeys and toilet paper will be given to the Murrieta and Menifee Food Pantries, and the Pechanga School that gives turkeys to under served tribes. The pantries’ and school’s volunteers will pull their trucks up to the Pechanga Resort & Casino where they’ll be loaded with turkeys and TP by resort helpers.

The Casino annually donates nearly 1,000 turkeys over the Thanksgiving and December holidays.

The resort also donates approximately 20,000 partially unused rolls of toilet paper, as well as thousands of tissue boxes, gently used bedding & bathrobes every year to Inland Empire organizations helping the region’s less fortunate.


Press Release Provided By the Pechanga Resort & Casino