Temecula: Probationer Arrested for Fraudulent Use of ATM Card

  Officers assigned to the Temecula Police Department’s Problem Oriented Policing (POP) team and Homeless Outreach Team have been conducting high visibility patrols around Moreno Rd. and Mercedes Rd. in the city of Temecula, due to recent complaints of criminal activity occurring. An officer contacted a known , probationer Adolfo Deloera in the area.

During a search of his property pursuant to his probation terms, an ATM card belonging to another individual was found in Deloera’s backpack. Further investigation revealed Deloera did not know the cardholder and he attempted to use the ATM card at a local business, but was unsuccessful.

It was determined the victim recently lost his ATM card at an unknown location and fraudulent activity had already posted to the account. Additional follow up is being conducted to determine the locations of these transactions. Deloera was transported and booked into the Southwest Detention Centerfor fraudulent use of an access card.

The Temecula Police Department is dedicated to maintaining a high quality of life and encourages citizens to report any suspicious activity they observe.
Press Release Provided By the Riverside Sheriffs Department