Temecula: Tax Day is Fast Approaching…Free Tax Advice for Veterans Offered on March 7 by Inland Counties Legal Services

Learn how to Navigate Tax Laws that Apply to Vets at the Ronald H. Roberts Temecula Public Library

With Tax Day fast approaching, the Temecula Law Resource Center will host a free Tax Issues for Veterans program presented by the Inland Counties Legal Services (ICLS). The event will be held at the Ronald H. Roberts Temecula Public Library, located at 30600 Pauba Road, on Thursday, March 7, 2019 from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

This event will discuss taxable and non-taxable benefits, considerations for disabled vets, education benefits, student loans, tax refunds, and other topics.

The Inland Counties Legal Services is a non-profit 501c(3) corporation dedicated to securing justice and equality for low income people through counsel, advice, advocacy, and community education.

The Temecula Law Resource Center is a partnership between the City of Temecula and the Riverside County Law Library.

Contact the TLRC at lawlibrary.temecula@rclawlibrary.org 

or (951) 639-8902 for inquiries.

Press Release Provided By the City of Temecula