SoCal: Murrieta’s Ryan “Bulldog” Shrader Excels as the Best Sports Trainer in the Temecula Valley

Shader Coaches Over 70 Talented High School Athletes from Schools All over the Local Area

Ryan “Bulldog” Shrader is the preeminent Sports Trainers in the Temecula Valley. He has been the Strength and Conditioning coach for the Murrieta Valley Basketball team for the past three years. He spent three seasons on the varsity basketball team and graduated from Murrieta Valley in 1997.

Shrader’s commitment to the game, his teammates and the weight room earned him the “Mr. Hustle” award three times. The award was renamed in his honor his senior season to the “Bulldog Award”. It is still given out, and treasured by the winner every year.


Bulldog has been a trainer for 18 years. He has trained kids from all over Southern California, especially within the Inland Empire. In addition to being the strength coach at Murrieta Valley, he also trains about 70 other athletes from other schools in the area.

He also works with the Mobley brothers two nationally ranked High School basketball players. He also helps with other players from Rancho Christian High School.

“I have been knowing Ryan for about 7 years, I met him through Murrieta Valley Coach Brian Wethers. I have admired Ryan’s work from a far as he worked with the local kids and adults regarding their strength, nutrition and conditioning” said USC Coach Eric Mobley. Since taking the assistant coaching job at USC, I didn’t have the time to work with Isaiah and Evan’s strength, so I decided to hire Ryan”.

The Mobley boys are considered the best brother basketball combo in the country. Isaiah Mobley is ranked #15 in the country for the class of 2019 class and Evan is ranked the number 1 player in the country for his class that graduates in 2020 .

“Since working with Ryan, I have seen my boy’s gain the muscle mass to compete at the highest high level. And with the rigorous and the toughest high school basketball schedule in the country, my sons are able to stay injury free, have the mental toughness and the self confidence to adapt to the travel and playing one of the toughest high school basketball schedule in the country.” added Mobley. “Ryan has been very instrumental in their success”.

As a young athlete in high school I was undersized, so I figured out the importance of exercises and their importance to maximize the abilities I did have” said Bulldog. “I then got into fitness and became a fitness instructor right after high school”.

What makes the Bulldog’s workouts unique are they are sport specific. He structures his conditioning routines to best maximize certain muscles for specific tasks in the sport. Basketball players, football players and track stars all have individually tailored workouts.

I study the movements within their sports and find and makeup movements to mimic their movements under resistance” said Bulldog. “I start all athletes by focusing on core strength and integrity within the muscles of the spine. Looking at the gait or stride of the athletes will show me where the muscular imbalances are. I give them effective exercises and stretches for that. Then my next step is to work on posture, and body balance. Once the athletes has achieved this we can move on to strength and speed exercises”.

Over the years Shrader has had many clients with many different injuries and circumstances. He has worked with clients who wanted weight loss, Fitness Competition and bodybuilding training to helping elderly clients. His blend of corrective exercises, stretches and have often avoided unnecessary surgeries.

In 2005 he helped ex-Nighthawk Brian Wethers, who has played professional basketball around the world, rehabilitate his knee. He got his old teammate back in shape to play at the pro level. “That made me realize my passion is training athletes and getting them to the next level in their game” said Bulldog. “I have been doing that since…it’s been my niche for the last 14 years”.